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The Comedian Harmonists’ Real Music

Dive into the delightful musical world of The Comedian Harmonists by watching the following videos and recordings: PLEASE EMBED VIDEOS VIA URL SO PLAYERS SHOW UP IN BLO WATCH: The Comedian Harmonists in action  LISTEN: Mein Kleiner Grüner Kaktus LISTEN: Ein Freund, Ein Guter Freund LISTEN: Das Ist Die Liebe …

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How many Comedian Harmonists were Jewish?

The Comedian Harmonists’ rich vocal blend, playful charm, and innovative arrangements captivated audiences across Europe and beyond. However, their story is also deeply intertwined with the tumultuous events of pre-war Germany. The group’s meteoric rise was tragically cut short by the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany. Three of …

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Does sheet music of the Comedian Harmonists songs exist today?

Does sheet music of The Comedian Harmonists’ songs exist today? The answer, like the Harmonists’ musical journey, is a bit complex. While the original sheet music for most of their songs was undoubtedly lost or destroyed during the turbulent years of World War II and its aftermath, a dedicated effort …

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Who started the Comedian Harmonists?

The Comedian Harmonists captivated audiences in the early 1930s but who was responsible for starting the group? Behind their musical magic stood a visionary conductor, the man who brought the group to life: Harry Frommermann! From Dream to Reality: A young Berliner with a passion for music, Harry Frommermann was …

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How long were The Comedian Harmonists together?

The Comedian Harmonists captivated audiences across Europe in the 1930s. Their story, however, is not just one of musical brilliance, but also of resilience in the face of immense adversity.  Here is a timeline of their time together:  1927: The seeds are sown with a newspaper ad seeking singers. The …

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Why did the Comedian Harmonists stop making music?

The Comedian Harmonists, with their impeccable blend of sophisticated harmonies and witty parodies, took the world by storm in the 1920s and early 1930s. Their rise seemed unstoppable, gracing stages from Berlin to Broadway, packing halls with eager audiences, and starring in over two dozen films. But just as abruptly …

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