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“Spanish Interlude” (1929)
A 1929 short film featuring The Comedian Harmonists in the role of tavern patrons. Censorship notice dated February 13, 1929.

“Visit at Midnight”/”The Night Ghost of Berlin”  (1930)
A 1930 short film signed by the Comedian Harmonists.

“The Three from the Filling Station” (1930)
A 1930 German musical film. Several songs in the film were performed by The Comedian Harmonists. The film also had a heavy influence on the Hollywood musicals during the 1930s.

“Two Ties” (1930)

“The Wrong Husband” (1931)

“Gassenhauer” (1931)

“Bombs on Monte Carlo” (1931)
A 1931 German musical comedy film based on the novel Bomben auf Monte Carlo and featured The Comedian Harmonists.

“The Unfaithful Eckhart” (1931)

“The Audience Sings Along” (1931)

“Vienna Forest” (1931)

“Crossword Puzzle” (1931)

“The Average Man” (1931)

“Princess, At Your Orders!” (1931)
A 1931 German romantic comedy film featuring The Comedian Harmonists as Les Cruisiniers.

“The Winner” (1932)

“The Gala Performance of the Fratellinis”/”Spies In The Savoy Hotel” (1932)

“I By Day and You By Night” (1932)

“Little Man – What Now?” (1933)

“The Comedian Harmonists Sing Folk Songs” (1934)

“The Comedian Harmonists – Six Biographies” (1976)

“Comedian Harmonists” (1997)

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