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When and where were The Comedian Harmonists formed?

The Comedian Harmonists were an internationally famous German vocal group that performed between 1928 and 1934. They were known for their unique blend of close harmony and humor, and they quickly became one of the most popular musical acts in Europe. However, their success came to an end when the Nazis came to power and forced them into exile.

The Formation of the Comedian Harmonists
The Comedian Harmonists were formed in Berlin, Germany in 1927 by Harry Frommermann, an unemployed German-Jewish actor. Frommermann was inspired by the American vocal group The Revelers, and he wanted to create a German group of the same format. He held auditions and signed on four additional singers and a pianist.

Original Audition Announcement
“Attention. Rare opportunity. Tenor, bass (professional singer not over 25), very musical, nice sounding voice, wanted for one-of-a-kind ensemble. Kindly give times available.”

The group’s name was a play on the word “comedian,” and it reflected their desire to combine humor with their music.

The original members of the Comedian Harmonists were:
1. Harry Frommermann (tenor buffo)
2. Asparuh “Ari” Leschnikoff (first tenor)
3. Erich A. Collin (second tenor)
4. Roman Cycowski (baritone)
5. Robert Biberti (bass)
6. Erwin Bootz (pianist)

The Rise of the Comedian Harmonists
The Comedian Harmonists quickly became popular in Germany. Their unique sound and their ability to entertain audiences of all ages made them a sensation. They toured extensively, and they released a number of successful records.

In 1931, the Comedian Harmonists appeared in the film “The Congress Dances,” which was a box office success. This helped to further their fame and popularity.

The Fall of the Comedian Harmonists
The rise of the Nazis in Germany spelled the end for the Comedian Harmonists. The Nazis were opposed to all forms of art and entertainment that they considered to be “degenerate,” and this included the Comedian Harmonists. The group’s three Jewish members were forced to flee Germany, and the remaining members were forced to disband.

The Comedian Harmonists never reunited after their forced exile. However, their music and their story have continued to inspire people around the world. They are considered to be one of the most important and influential vocal groups of all time.

The Comedian Harmonists were a unique and talented group of musicians who were forced to abandon their dreams because of the Nazis. Their story is a reminder of the importance of fighting for freedom of expression and artistic creativity. Their music continues to be enjoyed by people all over the world, and their legacy lives on.

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