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Where can I see a performance of The Comedian Harmonists?

The Comedian Harmonists were a German close harmony group formed in Berlin in 1928. They were known for their innovative blend of classical, jazz, and folk music, as well as their social commentary and humor. The group disbanded in 1934 due to the rise of the Nazi Party, but their music remains popular today.

Unfortunately, there are no longer any living members of The Comedian Harmonists, so it is impossible to see a performance of the original group. However, there are a few modern groups that perform their music, and there is also a new  Broadway musical about the group called Harmony: A New Musical.

Harmony: A New Musical tells the story of The Comedian Harmonists from their rise to fame to their forced disbandment by the Nazis. It is a moving and uplifting story about friendship, music, and the power of the human spirit.

The musical is currently playing at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre in New York City. Tickets are available online and at the box office and on their website:

The Comedian Harmonists were one of the most innovative and influential vocal groups of all time. Their music continues to inspire and entertain listeners around the world. If you are a fan of close harmony singing, or if you are interested in the history of The Comedian Harmonists, I encourage you to check out Harmony: A New Musical or to listen to their recordings.

The Musical about The Comedian Harmonists

Starting performances on Broadway on October 18th is the first and only musical about this singing group – Harmony: A New Musical

The complete Broadway cast includes Chip Zien as Rabbi, Sierra Boggess as Mary, Julie Benko as Ruth, Sean Bell, Danny Kornfeld, Zal Owen, Eric Peters, Blake Roman, and Steven Telsey as the Comedian Harmonists, Allison Semmes as Josephine Baker, Andrew O’Shanick as Standartenfϋhrer, Zak Edwards, Dan Hoy, Bruce Landry, Rhonni Rose Mantilla, Daniel Z. Miller, Benjamin H. Moore, Matthew Mucha, Constantine Pappas, Kayleen Seidl, Kyla Stone, Bronwyn Tarboton, Kate Wesler, Stuart Zagnit, and Lee Zarrett. 

To learn more about Harmony: A New Musical, click here.

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